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10 Migraine Triggers That Start Your Headache

Sometimes no matter what you do… Your migraine is going to start. The biggest problem you face is no one really knows the cause of migraines. While this

The Common Link Between A Cervicogenic Headache & Your Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced pain in your neck and a headache at the same time? Maybe you thought the two were somehow related. Chances are, You were probably right. A cervicogenic headache also known as a neck pain

Migraine Causes – Why You Suffer When Others Don’t

Think back to your last migraine… What were you doing just before it started? You probably weren’t doing anything too different to what you usually do. So what caused your migraine to start up?

The Causes

The Migraine Symptoms That Make You Suffer

Do you experience any symptoms before your migraine starts? Maybe your symptoms come on at the same time as your migraine. No matter which of those above 2 groups you fit in, the migraine symptoms you experience and the pain

Can You Tell The Difference Between Headache And Migraine?

The sharp, throbbing ache you feel in your head… The one that stops you from focusing, the one that keeps you up at night. That’s your body telling you “you have a migraine”…or is it a headache. Knowing the