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Can A Chiropractor Help With Posture: 5 Vital Aspects Needed To Fix Incorrect Posture

Who doesn’t remember being told off as a kid at school? Sit up straight, tuck your shirt in, don’t talk with your mouth full. Most people wish they had listened to their teachers. At least to the first bit

Posture Correction Can Stop You Hunching Over

How often do you think about your posture in a day? Once? Twice? I have no doubt that you have more important things to do then think about your posture. I don’t blame you either…when it comes to staying on top of

Do You Recognise The 4 Warning Signs Of Bad Posture?

SIT UP STRAIGHT! It’s the one line I’m sure you heard as a child. While you didn’t really take notice of the way you sat back then, it was the starting point that programmed what your posture looks like