Whats Causing Your Sciatica: The Ultimate Flowchart


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Download this free sciatica flowchart and follow the simple yes or no questions to find the cause of your sciatic pain.


Simple to follow questions to find the underlying cause of your sciatica


Learn the 6 most common diagnoses for sciatic pain and which one is affecting you.


Identify if the pain you're experiencing warrants you getting imaging done (X-rays, MRI and CT)


Work out if you're suffering from the most common underlying cause of sciatica (80% of people end up with this diagnosis)


“Finding the underlying cause of your sciatica is vital so you know exactly what can be done to not just rid of your pain but keep it away.

Download this sciatica flowchart and learn whats causing your pain to start getting relief today”

Dr Mark El-Hayek (Chiropractor) – CEO, Spine and Posture Care

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