Move your neck freely again without pain and stiffness

Chiropractic neck pain treatment focuses on finding the root cause of your pain to stop it and prevent it from coming back

Stop living with neck pain

Neck pain and stiffness can become a big problem for your everyday life especially when any movement you make starts to cause discomfort.

With neck pain treatment you can get back to your normal daily activities like sitting at work, exercising or turning your head while you drive, without the worry of neck pain coming on each time you move.

Our treatment focuses on gently increasing the movement of your joints, reducing muscular tension through your neck and shoulders and improving and strengthening areas of your spine to stop your pain from coming back.

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Experience Pain Relief

Stop neck pain from affecting your lifestyle and daily activities at home and work

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Move Freely

Move your neck freely without stiffness pain and discomfort

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Prevent Chronic Pain

Treat the underlying cause of your neck pain to prevent it from becoming chronic and progressively getting worse when it comes back.

Not sure what's causing your pain?

Sometimes its difficult to know who to see and what to do for your problem.

Book a free 15 min phone consultation with one of our Sydney Chiropractors so we can help identify your problem and give you advice on exactly what you can do to get rid of it!

4 simple steps for neck pain relief


We ask specific questions about your problem to identify the most likely cause of your neck pain.

After your history, we perform tests which target different muscles and joints to see how certain movements affect your pain.


Based on your history and examination we’ll give you a specific diagnosis so you understand exactly what is causing your pain and what you can do to stop it.


You will receive treatment specific to your problem which focuses on reducing your pain and helping you keep it away for longer periods of time.

[Free Download] Neck Pain (Video) Exercise Guide

Download your free video guide on neck pain exercises and start learning effective step by step techniques to reduce your neck tension.


Can neck pain treatment help you?

Neck pain treatment Sydney

It can be frustrating when your neck pain starts for no reason.

You try to think back to something that you might have done but you don’t remember doing anything serious enough to cause it.

Chances are the neck pain symptoms you are feeling are due to an underlying neck problem. Our treatment focuses on finding the underlying cause of your pain to not only stop the discomfort that you’re feeling but address the root cause of the problem to prevent it from coming back.

Common neck pain symptoms that we treat

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Pain running down your neck
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Pain going across your shoulders
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Pain at the base of your skull
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Pain or tingling in the arm or fingers
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Neck pain which causes headaches
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Neck stiffness

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