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How We Can Help Stop Your Mid Back Pain

If you experience mid back pain, especially if you sit for long periods of the day, it can really affect your concentration levels at work and home because the pain can become a significant nuisance.

Mid back pain treatment addresses the joints and muscles which have been affected in between your shoulder blades to not only increase movement and reduce tension to stop your pain, but to correct any postural changes which may cause your pain to come back.

End Your Pain

Get through each day without the worry of mid back pain affecting you

Sit For Longer

Sit at work and home for longer without tension in your mid back forcing you to move around

Stay Pain Free

Fix any postural changes causing your pain so you don’t have to live with the worry of your problem getting worse so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.

Not Sure If We Can Help You?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what treatment is right for you. Chiropractor, physio, g.p., exercise, massage…it’s difficult to know which one is best.

Book a free 15 min no obligation phone consultation with one of our chiropractic experts in Sydney to help identify your problem and see which treatment option is best for you. If we can help we’ll let you know. If we can’t we’ll point you in the right direction so you know exactly what you can do.

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Can Mid Back Pain Treatment Help You?

Mid Back Pain Treatment Sydney

Whether your mid back pain is a mild annoyance, comes and goes or you suffer with a high level of continuous pain, chiropractic treatment can help you. By determining the frequency, intensity, duration and time of day that you experience pain we can determine specifically what needs to be changed in your body to not only stop your pain but also keep it away.

  • Common Mid Back Pain Symptoms We Treat
  • Pain in between your shoulder blades
  • Pain going across your shoulders
  • Pain running up and down your spine
  • Pain radiating around to the front of your ribs
  • Pain in the back when breathing

4 Simple Steps To Mid Back Pain Relief

History Taking
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We ask specific questions about your problem to identify the most likely cause of your mid back pain.

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After your history, we perform tests which target different muscles and joints to see how certain movements affect your pain.

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Based on your history and examination we'll give you a specific diagnosis so you understand exactly what is causing your pain and what you can do to stop it.

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You will receive treatment specific to your problem which focuses on reducing your pain and helping you keep it away for longer periods of time.

Start Your Journey To A Pain Free Mid Back

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