Chiropractor bulging disc treatment sydney

Chiropractic treatment for bulging discs focuses on finding the specific nerves which are being compressed in your spine to give you fast effective relief

How Our Sydney Chiropractors Can Treat Your Bulging Disc Pain

When you’re living with the pain of a bulging disc, slipped disc or herniated disc it can be really hard to motivate yourself to do anything since most movements can cause pain to go into your arm or leg.

Bulging disc treatment from our chiropractors in Sydney will allow you to reduce compression on the nerves that are causing the pain into your arm and leg and help rehabilitate your spine to keep the pain away.

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Stop Your Pain

Don't go through each day experiencing bulging disc pain any longer

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Move Freely

Allow yourself to sit for long periods, stand or even exercise without the fear of pain starting

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Strengthen Your Spine

Rehabilitate your spine to prevent the bulging disc pain from coming back

Not sure what's causing your pain?

Sometimes its difficult to know who to see and what to do for your problem.

Book a free 15 min phone consultation with one of our Sydney Chiropractors so we can help identify your problem and give you advice on exactly what you can do to get rid of it!

4 Simple Steps To Chiropractic Bulging Disc Relief In Sydney CBD


We ask questions to determine specifically where your bulging disc is in your spine and determine the underlying cause of it

Based on your history we perform muscle, nerve and reflex examinations as well as various movement tests to see how the bulging disc is affecting your body and causing pain


We will give a diagnosis identifying the specific vertebra in your spine and nerves which have been affected so that the most effective treatment can be applied


Treatment is based directly on your diagnosis and will include various work on the muscles, joints and nerves in your spine to give you the quickest and most effective relief

[Free Download] Stop Making These Common Mistakes if You Have A Bulging Disc

Download your free bulging disc guide and learn the common mistakes you’re making when you have a bulging disc and find out what you should be doing instead!


The Best Bulging Disc Treatment From Our Chiropractors In Sydney

Bulging Disc Chiropractor Sydney

Whether you have a bulging disc or slipped disc in your neck or lower back the symptoms can be extremely severe in limiting you from doing what you want.

By determining specifically where you are feeling the pain in your arm or leg, if it’s causing any weakness and how other areas of your body are compensating due to the pain our chiropractors can work out how to treat the bulging disc stop your discomfort and keep it away,


Common Bulging Disc Symptoms That Chiros Help Treat

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Pain in the arm or leg
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Tingling or numbness in the arms or legs
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Weakness in the upper or lower limb
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Pain running up and down the spine
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Pain or tingling into your buttock, back and side of your leg
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Pain or tingling into the fingers or toes

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