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Our Initial Consultation Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Pain And Keep It Away.
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Get Fast Effective Pain Relief So You Can Get Back To Doing What you Want

Our New Patient Initial Consultation and Targeted treatment plan will help you get rid of your pain and keep it away.
(Plus get a free foam roller valued at $47 when you come in)

Start Your Journey To A Pain Free Life

Whether you need pain relief fast, have been experiencing discomfort for a while and just haven’t been able to get rid of it or you’re concerned about a problem that’s been developing, our tailored treatment can give you the help you need.


Stop Your Pain

Treatment will help reduce your pain and get you back to feeling like you used to


Move & Feel Better

Wake up, sit down, go to sleep and move around more comfortably with less pain


Understand Your Problem

The more you understand whats causing your issue the more you know how to stop It


Get Back To What You Enjoy

Get back to the gym, playing with your kids or just relaxing without pain or poor posture

4 Simple steps to Pain relief


We ask specific questions about your problem to identify the most likely underlying cause.

After your history, we perform tests which target different muscles and joints to see how certain movements affect you.


Based on your history and examination we’ll give you a specific diagnosis so you understand exactly what is causing your problem and what you can do to stop it.


You will receive treatment specific to your problem which focuses on reducing your pain and helping you keep it away for longer periods of time.

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About Spine and Posture Care - Sydney CBD

When Spine and Posture Care opened in 2013 we noticed a growing trend of people who came in experiencing pain which was gradually getting worse over time. 

Worse still, we saw people who would experience pain relief only for the problem to come back just days or weeks later sometimes more intense than before. 

In this time we have made it our goal to not only treat the symptoms you experience but find the underlying cause of your problem to help you stop the pain and discomfort you feel from coming back. 

Our chiropractors are trained to identify all spinal and postural issues to get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible.

Where To Find Us


Before we do anything our chiros will sit down and have a detailed conversation to find out everything we can about your pain. We want to know how it started, the symptoms its causing and how its affecting you.

From there we will do a full examination of the muscle and joints around the area of pain so we can find the underlying issue and determine an accurate diagnosis for your problem.

Once we have a diagnosis, things become a lot easier because we now know exactly what treatment will be most effective so we can help get rid of your pain and keep it away.

Our Chiropractic treatment varies from patient to patient but is specific to your problem. We will focus on getting you out of pain as quickly as possible by:

  • Increasing movement of the joints in your spine through gentle chiropractic adjustments

  • Reducing tension in your muscles through different stretches and muscle releases

  • Prescribing specific exercise and rehabilitation specific to your problem to help you keep the pain away.

We’re now offering a new patient special to all first time visitors to our chiropractic clinic in Sydney. In your new patient special you will get:

  • A detailed history

  • Full Spine examination

  • Accurate diagnosis

  • Spinal xrays (if you need them) *medicare needed

  • Digital posture analysis

  • A Free foam roller (valued at $47)

This is normally valued at $317 but you’ll receive it all for $97 (Save $220). Click here to learn more.

This will depend significantly on your condition and what will be most effective for you in the short term and long term. As a general rule we want to see your pain reducing within a few treatments with your chiropractor and at least a 50-60% change within a few weeks!

We accept all private health insurances and you can claim your consultation on the spot via HICAPS. What this means is we’ll swipe you’re card, if your health insurance covers chiropractic treatment this will instantly cover a portion of your consult fee and you just pay whatever’s remaining!

We strive to give everyone the best and most effective experience possible when they come in (our 100% 5 Star rating on Google can back us up 😊). If for any reason you’re not satisfied we’ll do our best to accommodate you in any way we can or give you a full refund!

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