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About Spine and Posture Care

When Spine and Posture Care opened in 2013 we noticed a growing trend of people who came in experiencing pain which was gradually getting worse over time.

Worse still, we saw people who would experience pain relief only for the problem to come back months or even only weeks later sometimes more intense than before.

In this time we have made it our goal to not only treat the symptoms you experience but find the underlying cause of your problem to help stop the pain and discomfort you feel from coming back.


Our Associations

Our Story

I feel your pain.

I feel it from a place that’s close to home because it was one of the biggest motivators for me to become a chiropractor. I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

Pain and discomfort are an unfortunate problem and chances are you’re reading this because you’re probably feeling one of them.

They’re the problems you get which don’t stop you from living your everyday life, but are starting to limit you from doing what you want.

The problems that cause the pesky thought in the back of your head saying “Is this going to cause my pain to come back or get

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Core Values

Our Mission

To educate, advise and help anyone who experiences pain with the best available evidence based treatment for their problem

Our Vision

To empower each person to maintain a better version of themselves through a pain free life and improved posture