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How Bulging Disc Treatment Can Stop Your Pain


Written by Mark El-Hayek

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Have you ever felt the pain of a bulging disc?

Chances are you know just how excruciating they can be.

No matter if you’re suffering from what some call a bulging disc, slipped disc or herniated disc, the symptoms all cause one thing…pain!

When your bulging disc is causing pain it’s no surprise that at times you can struggle to even move.

While the specificity of bulging disc treatment can differ depending on if the bulge is in your neck, mid back or lower back the overall treatment techniques remain the same.

Stop Suffering From Bulging Disc Pain with Chiropractic Treatment

Treatment through medication can give you temporary relief but only masks your symptoms until the medication wears off.

The other option which can be effective is surgery but realistically should be left as a last option to see if conservative treatment can reduce the symptoms first.

With chiropractic bulging disc treatment the focus is on reducing the symptoms that you’re feeling.

This is done by treating the underlying cause and removing pressure on the nerve root which is being compressed by the bulging disc.

Treatment can allow you to:

Stop the pain caused by the protrusion
– Allow you to get up from a chair or bed with significantly less pain
– Move around freely again
– Sit or stand with comfort
Resume your normal daily activities whether it be work, exercise or sleep

How Bulging Disc Treatment Reduces Your Symptoms

When a disc bulges, it protrudes backwards and either to the left or the right side of your spine. Depending on if the disc compresses the left or night nerve root will determine which side of the body you experience your pain.

Removing pressure on the nerve root is done through different techniques of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic Adjustments/Mobilisations

Adjustments are a gentle, quick movement to a specific joint which allows an increase of space in the joint. The aim of the adjustment is to promote the part of the disc that has protruded to start moving back into the center of the disc.

Soft tissue work

Your body is very complex and extremely smart.

It will do anything to protect you once it begins to sense pain. When you experience a disc protrusion the muscles surrounding the area that is in pain will all contract to protect the area and limit movement.

Muscle releases are applied to specific parts of the body to help increase movement.

Working on your muscles without addressing the underlying problem (the disc protrusion) is ineffective because the muscles will continue to contract to restrict the movements which will cause pain.

Exercises & Rehabilitation

Treatment is focused on reducing the immediate pain you are experiencing.

If an exercise and rehabilitative program is not applied specifically for your condition after your pain starts to go away, the pain you experience is very likely to come back.

Exercises are aimed at increasing and restoring normal movement to the joints which were restricted because of the protrusion. Exercises also help in lengthening muscles which shortened to protect the body and strengthening muscles which became weak due to lack of use.

Your Symptoms Will Determine Your Prognosis

The time taken for your pain to be relieved depends on a variety of factors:

– The severity of your injury
– The symptoms you present with
– Various other factors which are determined from questioning during the first consultation

Usually disc protrusions which take longer to heal are ones which were not treated correctly when you first experienced them.

The severity of your symptoms are also an important factor because they can determine if there are warning signs of a more significant problem. These can include impingement on the nerve root due to serious problems such as a tumour or other lesion.

While these are extremely rare it is vital that that the cause of your symptoms is diagnosed so that you are referred to the correct health practitioner and the proper treatment is undertaken if there is a potentially serious problem.

Start Reducing Your Pain Today

If you feel as though you can benefit from bulging disc treatment to stop your pain the first step is an accurate diagnosis. To see a Chiropractor Sydney CBD Call us today or book online to see if we can help you.


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