Here’s How Mid Back Pain Treatment Can Help You

Do you experience pain, tension or stiffness in the mid or upper back? Does it interfere with your ability to work or sit in comfort?

People commonly squeeze their shoulders back to try relieve the tension in their mid and upper back only for the ache to return minutes to hours later.

Fortunately, there’s a much more permanent solution.

Whether your pain is a mild annoyance, comes and goes or you suffer with a high level of continuous pain, you may be pleasantly surprised at how soon chiropractic mid back pain treatment* can:


What’s Causing Your Mid Back Pain?

Considering the middle back or thoracic spine is what allows us to remain upright, prolonged sitting causes hunched posture to begin and worsen with time. While every case must be examined as unique, most middle back pain originates from:


How We Treat Middle Back Pain

Treatment begins with a careful assessment of your condition. This includes some basic questions and discussion of the location and degree of your pain as well as a full examination of your spine.

I’ll explain my suggested treatment plan which will include gentle movements of the joints as well as work on the muscles. I may also provide suggestions that can go with your chiropractic treatment and speed your recovery, so you can feel better as quickly as possible*.


Take the Next Step toward Relief

Your body only causes pain because of what you’ve taught it to do over time.

Ignoring your pain can cause further stress, tension and muscle imbalances that make it worse.

Make an appointment today and start enjoying life without pain again.

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*Results may vary from person to person