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How is Poor Posture Affecting You?

50,000 years ago, we were hunters and gatherers. It was survival of the fittest. We had to move to live.

Fast forward to today, and poor posture is the most common problem in our society. Why?

We don’t move enough, and we sit too long!

If you could see yourself in a mirror right now as you read this, what would you notice about your posture…?

… Does your head poke forward?

… Do your shoulders slump?

… Is one shoulder higher than the other?

…Is there a big curve in your mid/lower back?


Fortunately, poor posture treatment can:


The Downward Spiral of Poor Posture

The more your body slumps, the more pressure is put on your joints and muscles, which over time leads to pain.

Pain is the last thing that your body will show and the first thing to go away because your body will do whatever it can to keep you out of it.

But just because the pain goes away doesn’t mean it won’t come back, often worse than before. This cycle continues until the underlying problemYour posture – is addressed.


Why Poor Posture Treatment is Essential

Poor posture and pain can be misleading. Just because you’re getting pain in one area doesn’t mean that’s the area causing the problem.

Your body is an entire unit, where everything is connected. Changes to one area of your body are going to cause changes and compensations in another area.

Through extensive chiropractic training and experience, I can properly diagnose your condition, identify the source of your specific problem, and treat it faster* than you might expect.

Treatment includes a carefully thought-out combination of safe and effective spinal manipulation, muscle work, and gentle joint movement, so you can feel better and return to healthy, pain-free posture.


Start Correcting Your Posture Today

Your body was designed to be upright. Allow me to help you improve your posture to prevent future pain or remove existing pain and keep it away.

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*Results may vary from person to person