Sciatica Treatment Sydney

Minimize and Eliminate Your Pain With Sciatica Treatment

If you feel you may suffer from sciatica, these 4 questions may help…

  1. Do you suffer from tightness or soreness in one or both buttocks?
  2. Does pain radiate through your lower back, hip, leg or foot?
  3. Is one or both of your legs or feet numb, burning, tingling or weaker than normal?
  4. Does it hurt to get out of bed, a chair or put on your shoes?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may have sciatica

…a condition where the sciatic nerve in your leg is pinched or obstructed by a change in the spine, slipped disc or inflamed muscle – causing pain and discomfort in the lower back and/or legs.


 Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment Can Provide The Relief You Need

Even if you’ve been suffering for months, you’ll be pleased to know that proper chiropractic sciatica treatment can:


A Complete Approach to Resolve Sciatica

The first step to proper sciatic nerve pain treatment is accurate diagnosis which can speed up the rate of recovery. Many who believe they suffer with true sciatica do not.

Fortunately, a chiropractic assessment can help diagnose and treat you for sciatica and other conditions with similar symptoms.

Some simple questions and a full examination of your spine will help pinpoint the exact problem.

Nerve pain can affect people in many different ways. Therefore, the sciatica treatment we provide will cater to your exact needs, including appropriate spinal adjustment, gentle joint movements, muscle work and more to help you experience relief as soon as possible*.


Overcome Sciatica Pain Once and For All

Don’t settle for anything less than the pain-free quality of life you deserve.

Don’t numb the pain away with drugs that just temporarily hide the symptoms.

Rediscover the joy of living, working and moving freely—without pain.


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