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Do You Suffer From These Bulging Disc Symptoms


Written by Mark El-Hayek


A bulging disc is painless.

You may be surprised by that statement.

It’s only when the bulging disc presses against a nerve that causes the excruciating symptoms you feel!
But what are these bulging disc symptoms that come about from something that’s made to protect your spine?

The Location Of Your Bulging Disc Will Determine Your Symptoms

The bulging disc symptoms you go through will depend on if the bulging disc is in your neck, mid back or lower back.

They occur most commonly in the lower back, followed by the neck. It is rare to have a mid back disc bulge.

The discs which are located in between each bone (vertebra) in our spine are there to reduce the pressure we put on our body from anything we do be it sitting, sleeping or walking.

While the symptoms are similar, they will cause sharp shooting pain, weakness and loss of sensation in different parts of your body.

But let’s clear one thing up first…

There’s no difference between a slipped disc, herniated disc, protruding disc or bulging disc. They all refer to the same thing…The compression of the inner layer of the disc onto a specific nerve root.

Do Your Bulging Disc Symptoms Occur In Your Lower Back or Neck?

Bulging disc symptoms are for more common in your lower back than in your neck because the discs in your lower back are under a lot more stress and strain than in the neck.

On top of this,
The material within the discs in your neck are also a lot smaller than the ones in your lower back so there is less chance of them protruding and pushing against the nerve.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of a bulging disc in your lower back read here to find out the likely symptoms you’ll experience depending on which nerve root is compressed.

If you’re experiencing symptoms in your neck read about the symptoms here.

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