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4 Typical Lower Back Pain Symptoms You May Experience


Written by Mark El-Hayek


Lower back pain is uncomfortable.

Actually, that’s an understatement.

Lower back pain can range from being uncomfortable to the point where it’s excruciating and you can’t move.

The biggest factor in the symptoms you experience are the underlying lower back pain causes.

Here are 4 of the most common symptoms of lower back pain you’ll experience and the conditions you’ll often see them in.

Symptoms of Your Lower Back Pain & Their Cause

Pain Over The Lower Back

The most obvious indicator of lower back pain is pain directly over the lower back. The type of pain you feel though is a determining factor in what condition you have.

If the pain you experience is dull to sharp in nature and well localised and felt around the general area of the lower back your pain is usually from:

– Facet Sprain/Facet syndrome
– Muscle Strain
– Degenerative Disk Disease

Pain Down The Leg

Pain down your leg is another very common indicator of lower back pain since the nerves in your leg all begin in the lower back.

The symptoms are usually described as sharp in nature and may feel like pins and needles or severe tingling into your leg and may be accompanied by weakness. The most common biomechanical causes of pain in the leg are:

Bulging disc/Slipped disc
– Lumbar Lateral Canal Stenosis (Spinal Stenosis)
– Degenerative Disk Disease

Pain Across The Back

When you experience pain across the back the severity may range from a dull ache to a sharp stabbing pain.

The pain experienced is across the base of the lower back running from the middle to the edges of the lower back.

The pain is usually described as a squeezing ache and is most often seen in:

– SI (Sacro-iliac) Sprain/Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Pain Into The Buttock & Groin

Pain into the buttock and groin is usually a sign of an underlying condition coming from the lower back which is commonly a sign of sciatica symptoms.

Similar to pain in the leg, symptoms are described as sharp or tingling in nature and usually radiate from the lower back to the front of the groin or into the buttock and sometimes down the leg to the back of the knee.

This is seen in:

– SI (Sacro-iliac) Sprain/Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
– Degenerative Disk disease
– Bulging disc/slipped disc

Your Lower Back Pain Symptoms May Be Different To Others

While these symptoms are commonly seen in certain conditions they can differ significantly from person to person.

You may have the exact same condition as another person but still have completely different symptoms.

The symptoms above are just a guideline as to what to look for if you think you may suffer from lower back pain. No two conditions are the same and nothing is more important than the advice of a qualified health practitioner to confirm and diagnose your problem.

When To Seek Immediate Medical Attention For Your Lower Back Pain Symptoms

While the symptoms above are seen in biomechanical conditions you can also experience them in much more serious conditions such as:

– Fracture
– Tumour
– Bone Infection

These conditions are a lot rarer but still occur and come on with other symptoms such as:

– Significant weight loss in a short space of time
– Inability to control your bowel or bladder
– Severe pain which doesn’t improve with time or gets worse
– Significant leg weakness

If you experience these symptoms you first point of contact should be a professional who can diagnose your problem and send you for urgent medical attention.

Learn The Cause Of Your Symptoms

If you suffer from some of the lower back pain symptoms described in this article and want to find out how you can reduce or even eliminate the discomfort you’re feeling call us today to see if lower back pain treatment can help you.


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